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I have a domain server running Server 2003.  There are several users, one of whom uses a laptop both in the office and at home.

I would rather this user have just one profile, but as it stands now he's got one profile when he logs into the domain and another profile when he logs on locally when he's at home.

Is there any way for this user to have one, single profile (desktop, my documents, etc.) whether he's logged onto the domain or logged on locally?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, this common...  When the user logs in to the domain, a profile for the domain account is stored locally on the machine (by default).  However, if the user logs in as a local user (not a domain user) another profile is created.

domain\john  <-- domain user profile locally stored on workstaqtion

john  <-  local machine user account logon profile stored on workstation

To aviod this, always have your users attempt to logon to the domain.  In this way, they will always use the domain\john local profile..  And the look and feel of the users desktop will remain the same regards if the domain is actually available or not.

Tell you users not to logon to the local machine... instead always try to logon to the domain...even when the user is home.

You can logon to the domain profile with the domain password even through the domain is not available.

Sorry the answer to your question is YES..  Tell your users to always choose to logon to the domain.  When this method is used, the users will have one profile.

Simple answer = NO.

Why would you allow a users to log on locally?  Seems like that negates the need for IT policies within an organization.  There isnt anything a user cant do within the domain profile that he could do locally.
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biffsmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks, NJComputerNetworks.  I just assumed that, since the domain would be unavailable at the user's home, that Windows would throw a large error and not let him login at all.  I didn't realize that he can login to the domain without actually being connected to the domain.

Yes, in this way, the user will only have one profile...  Give it a try when you have a chance..

hah, i read the question the same way you did.  ditto NJ's answers :)
Windows wouldn't throw a large error and will let him login, if you have "Interactive logon: Number of previous logons to cache (in case domain controller is not available)">0 in GPO (default=10)
Remember that you will have to make sure the user is connected to the domain either at work or via VPN before he changes his network password, otherwise the cached profile in the laptop will not be updated and he will end up having to use two passwords.

Also, you might consider activating Offline Files for the user too.  This would allow him to take his work home with him.  There are certain limitations to Offline Files, so read about it before you give it to him.
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