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Cisco 2811 Not Detecting WIC's?

I am trying to prep a new 2811 for a remote office, using a WIC-1DSU-T1 T1 card and a WIC-1B-U ISDN card, but neither of them are 'detected' in this new router.  They work fine in other 2600 series routers, but in the 2811 come up with unknown hardware ID's.  As the router completes it's boot-up, here's the mess:

Press RETURN to get started!

*May 16 19:59:09.511: %GT96K_FEWAN-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: NM slot 0, wic card has an unknown id 11
*May 16 19:59:09.543: %GT96K_FEWAN-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: NM slot 0, wic card has an unknown id 9

I have seen other posts about the 2800 platform supposedly not supporting some of the older WIC's, and then some that contradict that theory.  Before I go dropping more money on replacement WIC's, can anyone confirm this?  Is there some other way or something I am missing to get these WIC's to detect?  Incidently, a WIC-2MFT-T1 dual T1 controller will detect and insert Controller 0/0/0 and 0/0/1 in the config.  I have a bad feeling I need new[er] WIC-1DSU's :(

Thanks in advance...
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2 Solutions
a wic-1dsu-t1 will not work in a 2811 you the newer wic-1dsu-t1v2 card.  same price just newer version.  I have never seen the older versions work although I have tried several times (some by accident)

The "version 1" WIC is *not* supported on the newer 1800 or 2800 series routers.  You can confirm this via the URLs below, or you can call Cisco's customer service line [800-553-6387] & get "pre-sales tech support" - they'll confirm as well.

  See the "Supported Platforms" section of the below URL on the WIC-1DSU-T1:

  2800 series - "Relevant Interfaces & Modules" (you won't find the v1 card anywhere on the following page):

RyanSmith_NetMDAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you - figures Cisco taps us for a little bit more revenue when you buy newer routers.
Glad to help Ryan!

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