PIX 501 firewall

I have Network elements I need to access remotely.  I am trying to configure PIX 501 to do this for me.  I have a range of  5 public IP addresses.  I also plan to use a private IP inside.  Any suggestions ??
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You will need the proper commands to forward ports on the pix from your public ips to your private

access-group <name> in interface outside
access-list <name> permit tcp any host xx.xx.xx.xx eq xxxx
hostname(config)# static (inside,outside) tcp xx.xx.xx.xx xxxx netmask

you will need the above commands for each port you want to forward
xxxx=port number
xx.xx.xx.xx=ip address

Comment from rsivanandan
Date: 05/02/2006 07:43PM PDT

Along with the config above by centrepc, you also need an access-list to forward these traffic or else PIX will block 'em.

access-list <name> permit tcp any host 78.x.104.26 eq 5631
access-list <name> permit tcp any host 78.x.104.26 eq 5632

access-group <name> in interface outside

This was from a similar post that rsivanandan and I answered earlier for someone who wanted to forward pcanywhere ports
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