Interbase and Regional and language options problem

We have an application written in Delphi that writes data into an Interbase database.
If in the Regional and language options I set English (US) there are no problems.
If I set it to Dutch (Nederlands), or other european option where the decimal separator is comma instead of the dot the data appears erroneous in the Interbase database. For example 47,83 becomes 4783 as if the separator is lost.

We have verified and the application, which copies a value from a table into another table, transmits the right value.
Is anyone aware with any Interbase problem or setting related to the decimal separator that could help us solve this?
Thank you
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Nick UpsonConnect With a Mentor Principal Operations EngineerCommented:
interbase has no knowledge of the language settings so I can't see how what you describe could happen, how did you verify?

however you could avoid it by using "insert into tablea (col1) select col2 from tableb" so the application doesn't retrieve the value it stays within the database. NB syntax needs checking as I don't have a system handy to check it
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
possible solution supplied and questions asked for further detail, I would expect "forced accept" rather than delete
hmstechsupportAuthor Commented:
Altough the solution provided did not resolve the issue, it did propel us in the right direction
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
so what was the issue/solution?
hmstechsupportAuthor Commented:
The SQL that we were using was using a bad TYPE conversion that caused the comma (,) to be lost when the regional settings were not US.
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