Anonymous Website Access.... User issues

I have a website running on windows server 2003.

I setup some ftp accounts for FTP access, and I gave them modify/read/execute permissions for the web directory.

I also have the typical IUSR_HOSTNAME user that is setup by default to handle anonymous web access

I also setup an InternetGuest Group and IGuest User

When i go into the directory security of my website (through IIS manager), It asks me which account to use for anonymous access.

If I input one of my FTP accounts, then my website is viewable.
If I input IUSR_HOSTNAME, the website is not viewable (401.1 error - invalid credentials)
If I input IGuest, the website is not viewable (401.1 error - invalid credentials)

Just for fun, I promoted IGuest - I went into windows explorer and set the directory security settings there to allow modify/read/execute for InternetGuest users.
So, from my point of view it looks like IGuest and FTPUSERS have the same 'security' settings for this folder (the web folder)

Through the Local Security Policy Settings, I verified that IGuests have network access -- funny thing -- FTPUSERS aren't listed.

Any tips on how I can get IUSR_HOSTNAME or IGuest to work for anonymous access? I don't like having to put my FTP users in there (who have modify access!)

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rhandelsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If this doesn't work, your IUSR_Hostname account probably doesn't have the correct permissions. Go to the IIS admin tool and check to see where your default website points to (which directory), then go to this directory and see the permissions that are granted to the IUSR_Hostname account. They should at least be read... Try setting this permissions if not allready there..

Else, your best option (if this is possible though) i to reinstall IIS, this will take a lot less time and all permissions will be set accordingly to the Microsoft standard..
oxygen_728Author Commented:

The IUSR_Hostname has read/execute permissions in the home directory.

Also, the IIS installation is fresh already...

Thanks for your help, any other tips?

oxygen_728Author Commented:
The answer to my question is:

In my fresh installation of Windows Server 2003 SP1, It is necessary for the user to be used for anonymous website access to have a password. I had purposely setup that user to not have a password (blank). Setting a password fixes it.

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