I want to move my win2k DC to a newer machine with a completely different HCL

I am running a small office network comprising 4 XP pro workstations and win2k server domain controller.  the DC is running on an old machine and I am worried that I could loose everything should it fail.  I want to move my DC to a new machine.  Can you tell me the easiest way to do this?  I would then like to keep the old machine (but turned off) as a backup.  As an added complication, by DC is a dual boot machine and the WIN2k DC is running on the secondary HDD labelled E:
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi techtonicsystems,

can be done quite easily with a clean install of the new server

**Note - If introducing a 2003 R2 Server into the network as a DC you will need to run the ADPREP tools from the second cd


you can also download here

this boosts the schema up to cope with R2 functionality

1) Promote your new machine as an additional domain controller in an already existing domain - this will allow AD to replicate to the new server
2) Make sure DNS is AD integrated on your old DC to allow all DNS replications also
3) Transfer the FSMO roles to the new server
4) Make the new DC a Global Catalog under Sites and Services
5) Deactivate DHCP on the old DC (if used) and recreate the scope on the new DC, note if you have a fairly complex or Large DHCP scheme you may want to export and import the database
6) Run DCDIAG to make sure all is well and replication is fine
7) Demote the old DC if you dont intend to keep it as a backup
8) Recreate Shares etc on the new server
9) Reinstall printers and share them etc....

this will allow you to have the complete AD directory on the new DC and clients will barely be aware of any changes

Does the DC offer other services apart from DCing and most probably shares? If not, that's quite easy: Build the new one, install 2003 and promote it to be a second DC. Then you can demote the old one. You will find the details at MS Technet.
Look at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Operating_Systems/Windows_Server_2003/Q_21675374.html, too.
techtonicsystemsAuthor Commented:
No. it's a fairly simple setup.  I installed it to make admin easier.  I will follow the link you suggested.

Many Thanks,
techtonicsystemsAuthor Commented:
Great, many thanks for all your help.

John (techtonicsystems)
:) no problems
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