DSAccess selection? Question.

I have 3 Exchange 2003 servers in 3 offices around the globe.  I only have Active Directory domain controllers and GCs in two of those 3 offices.  This will soon be fixed.  However, I noticed when checking with the Best practices analyzer that Exchange automatically selecting the DCs and GC to use but is making bad selections.  For example, I have an Exchange 2003 server in New York, this server is selecting the local DC but is picking a GC in another country to use, rather than one of the two local GCs in that office.  The response times from the GC its using are slow, and I'd rather it use the local servers.  Is there any way to change options for how Exchange selects servers to use?  I know I can manually set the servers to use, but I'd rather Exchange automatically select them in case names are changes or we add new servers.  Does anyone have any input here?  

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Exchange uses the first GC to respond.
Have you got your sites and services configured correctly in AD?
Does the DNS on the Exchange server reference a remote GC?

If you try rebooting the GC that Exchange is attached to while Exchange is running, Exchange will just hang. It doesn't go looking for another DC for around 35 minutes. The only way you could force it to look for another one is to shutdown the one it is using and then reboot the Exchange server.


Normally they do a check on the subnet to see if there is a GC in the domain (or subnet), so it beats me why should even go to another country to check it's GC. Did you " upgraded"  the DC to GC after the Exchange server was installed (or brought up).

Maybe a dumb solution, but try to reboot while your GC is in the air... Maybe thi helps. Else, i would go for the manual adding..
MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
I'm not using any subnets in AD, we are on a single subnet, but its a large subnet (actual network config).  I've noticed that Exchange will automatically failover to use other DCs for the configuration DC if the one its using is down.  We don't have any GCs that are also DNS servers.  I think I'm just going to manually set the servers to use under the DSAccess tab for now.

Thanks guys!
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