Nero won't burn on to 8.5gb disk

I have tried to burn large files (6gb) onto large disks but Nero comes up with 'Could not perform start of Disc-at-once' . I can burn images successfully to the hard drive but these too won't burn onto a DVD. I have checked that the burner (NEC ND-3450A) is OK with DVD +R DL disks and it is.
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Yep that is exactly right.  NERO does NOT do double sided DVDs.  We gave up on it because of its ENDLESS annoying error messages.  If you want to burn double sided 8.4 GB disks, use ROXIO easy DVD creator, either version 6 or 7 -- just dont install the module to make disks look like a hard disk, it slows down system too much.  But as for burning double sided disks, if you have the right burner like a Sony DW-Q30A and the 2 sided disks, Roxio will do it  without any problem -- and all you even get from Nero is annoying errors, ad infinitum.  We gave up on Nero about 2 years ago, it is software that gets worse with each "new" version.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi sablog,

I had some problems with writing DL in the past with some NEC drives in the past.
All have been solved for me by updating the firmware on the writer and/or updating Nero

So, my suggestions to your question would be to update Nero first to be sure you're running the latest updates.
If that doesn't work, download the latest firmware from or if you're unable to get to the downloads due to the country restriction they have, try one of the mirrors, just be sure you have a NEC certified firmware and not some 3rd party firmware as that'll void warranty on your drive.


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