Backup rate decreases when backing up Exchange.

Running Exchange 2003 Ent. on a Windows 2003 Server (Dell Poweredge 1850).  It is a dedicated Exchange box, nothing else is on it.  I'm running Symantec/Veritas BackupExec 10.d for backup on a Dell Poweredge 850, Windows 2003, to a brand new Dell LTO2 Powervault 124T.  I just ran my first backup, which was to backup my entire Exchange server (both partitions, Utility Partition, Information Store, and all individual mailboxes).  Both of these servers are plugged into the same 10/100 manageable Linksys switch.  At first the backup was kicking right along with speeds ranging from 480-530MB./min.  Then once it it the individual mailboxes, the rate dropeed down to about 140-160MB/min....This thing is supposed to be a lot faster than that!!  Any ideas??  Thanks.
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Darwinian999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This isn't unusual. A bricks level (individual mailbox) backup is always slower because it has to get to the information through the Information Store. Exchange is optimised for access by multiple users, not for the sequential access (backup) of email in individual mailboxes by a single process (the backup process).
tenoverAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks.  Just wanted to make sure I didn't have some strange issue with my new hardware.....
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