Outgiong SMTP mail from new Exchange 03 server through existing Exchange 2000 server

I've introduced a new Exchange 2003 server (EX03) into a production 03 AD with the goal of migrating my users from the current produciton Exchange 2000 server (EX2k). I've created a test mailbox. Test user on EX03 can receive and send internally, but ONLY RECEIVE EXTERNAL mail. From the test user i cannot respond to any external messages received.

I've done the following prep work:
- Ex03 automatically set Ex2K as it's SMTP Bridgehead server in the internet mail connector.
- Made Ex2k the smart host for the Ex03 Internet mail connector and the SMTP Virtual server using the IP address.
- Allowed Ex03 to RELAY through EX2K
- Allowed Ex2K to RELAY through Ex03, which should make no difference but i did it anyway.

I still can't send to external addresses...I'm a first time "exchange migrator", if you will, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Like many of us out here, i've gota deadline...Thanks.
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First - remove the smart host from the SMTP VS. It isn't required and will cause you problems with your migration.
Second - remove the relay settings - they aren't required and will simply expose the server.
Do you need to route your email through an ISPs SMTP server? If not, then remove the smart host from your SMTP Connector and set it back to use DNS.
Then remove the SMTP Virtual Server of the new server from the SMTP Virtual Server. Leave the existing server in as a bridgehead. As long as the two servers are in the same routing group, all email will flow through the SMTP VS on the server listed as the bridgehead in the SMTP Connector.

I don't know what your deadline is, but if it is any less than a week away, you will fail to meet it.
Public and system folder replication off an Exchange 2000 server is very slow, and cannot be made to go any faster. I always start my migrations on a Monday, and don't start the next part until the Friday at the earliest.
You may want to look at my migration document here: http://www.amset.info/exchange/migration.asp

logicworkzAuthor Commented:
trying that now. thanks for the quick reply. I'll let you know how it goes.
logicworkzAuthor Commented:
Looked like smart hosts was the worst thing i could've done. I removed those and removed the relay. I understand now the exchange organization topology and how it works. Pretty simple actually. I over-complicated eveything. Against your suggestions, i kept the EX03 SMTP VS. The link you directed me to mentioned adding the new server as a bridgehead server and with those changes everything works now. I've since encrytped SMTP authentication on the VS as well as POP3 and OWA. Having all kinds of fun. Moving my mailbox tonight. Wish me luck. How do i award you the points?
For assistance on closing questions, see this page: http://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hs5

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