A way to quickly list which VPN clients are currently logged on?

I originally posted this on the windows 2003 place, but didn't get an answer, so I'm trying here...

Is there a way to show which RRAS VPN clients are currently logged on besides using the RRAS mmc? Ideally I would like to list which clients are logged in without having to select this and that. Maybe there is a way to JUST show the "Remote Access Clients" part of the RRAS mmc without the "Ports", "IP routing", etc... Maybe there is an activeX or other webbased way to show this info? Maybe there is a tool allready out there that does this?
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You can query this information via SNMP and map it out in like MRTG if this is the type of information you attempting to gather.

It will grab the # of users logged in per poll session and graph it out for historical purposes
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No help huh?
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