Fedora in stall via ftp

I just dowmload iso image of fedora 5 How can I put  it in ftp server and then I goto in stall by lan
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cjl7freelance for hireCommented:

You need to boot your new servers (that you are installing via ftp) off something. (cd, dvd, PXE)

(Then you can use kickstart to automate you process of installing)

On the ftp-server (I always use web...)

mount the dvd on a directory that is in your ftp (web) path. (mount -o loop <FC5.iso> <mountpoint>)

make sure you can access the newly mounted filesystem via ftp (or web if you are using that...)

When you boot you client (the one beeing installed) type "linux askmethod" at the prompt

Thats it...

Please go to ftp://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/5/i386/os/images/
Read README. You can boot from CD, USB Flash/VFAT fs or with PXE(if You have another server). After boot You would be asked for installation source location. Ftp is one of possibilities.

Burn the Fedora Core CD1 to a CD then place it into your CD rom and at the boot
prompt type:

linux askmethod

this will allow you to install Fedora via, FTP, HTTP etc
Links and notes are from Fedora Core Installations guide :

2.1. Installation from a Network Server
2.1.2 Network Service Setup
   To connect computer on which you're going to install Fedora you have to boot system in linux environment with networking enabled  so you can connect to FTP of WEB service and access installation disk image.
  The .iso disc-image file for a  Fedora Core 5 boot CD-disc is quite small--only 6.67MB :
  To create the boot disc, download the .iso file to your PC and burn it using your CD-burning program's option to create a disc from an image file. But before you do, make sure your PC supports booting from a CD-ROM.

  Also if your network has no FTP service running you might wish to download and install free FTP server
on computer where your DVD image is copied to and here's the one wchich will do the trick for you:
http://en.typsoft.com/ TYPSoft FTP server download link:  http://php.typsoft.com/download.php?id=1

  Once you install and run  TYPSoft FTP server make sure default FTP server allows anonymous access to  DVD "image" and its folder  and all subfolders.
In your case I would rather point FTP servers root folder to DVD-drive  ( and not to DVD copy on your hard disk)  so you can acctually share DVD drive .

good luck
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