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hello there,

i want to develop a web application where users can submit questions to vote.i want to get some feedback to what things or features should i have on my site to attract more users or make the site more interactive.also want to know which technology should i use php,jsp or asp
your help will will appreciated.

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ashishjvwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Example if you run a software site then let user submit articles related to software , if you have car site, then let them submit car articles.

On your blog after you posted the entry , let the user submit comments on the blog entry you have made .

The user participation will make it more interactive.

Php and are the most preferred ones right now.

What you wish to use depends upon the server side language knowledge you have along with the host. For example linux will not allow you to run asp dot net scripts.

Interactive :
- Allow them to submit articles on your site.
- Poll/questionaire
- Allow them to make comments on your blog.

zolfAuthor Commented:

could you please give more details on these two things you mentioned:

Allow them to submit articles on your site
Allow them to make comments on your blog.

appreciate your help
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