Windows XP bootup pauses

Dear experts, I have windows XP pro desktop.  When it boots up there is a pause of up to a minute just before the welcome screen is displayed.  I have used bootvis to see what is happening and it tells me that there is about a 60-70 second period where pagefile prefetch and registry reading are occurring.  During that period there is no visible or audible disk activity occurring and cpu activity is very very low to nil.

Pagefile is not fragmented PAgedefrag says it's all in one fragment.

I've considered messing with layout.ini but not sure if that's wise.  Could be a hardware issue or timeout of somesort as I've recently had a new motherboard installed but the problem was not evident directly after the new motherboard, it came about some time after and I can't pinpoint anything in particular that I changed.

Could anyone offer an opinion on where I should look?
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how much ram is on your pc & it is 1 or more dimms?  if more than one try removing one & than the other, and try testing the ram using 

try removing one device at a time to see if it improves performance
remove video card & try using onbd video
remove nic or disable onbd nic
remove sound or disable onbd snd
remove cd & dvd drives
Bootvis - <<Download files for your computer that tweak, repair, enhance, protect ...>> Oh dear. What other crapware have you got happening I wonder? No wonder it is slow. Probably announcing to the world it is ready to be used for whatever any hacker fancies. Wake up.

Chris B
>>    Could be a hardware issue or timeout of somesort as I've recently had a new motherboard installed   <<   did you connect the old disk to it? then you may have a look at these :      move XP to other mobo;nl;314070                       "     "     "    "      "   
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Do not set the paging size too big or the initial size and max size too far apart:
I set all >2500 computers that I managed only at 768MB (minimum and maximum) and it works great.

Clean Your Prefetch To Improve Performance. This is an unique technique for WinXP. Prefetch is a new and very useful technique in Windows XP. However, after using XP some time, the Prefetch folder can get full of rarely used or obsolete links which can slow down your computer noticeably.

Open C:\Windows\Prefetch, delete all files (or at least those more than 3 weeks old) and reboot the system.
It is recommended that you do this every month. Note: Deleting Prefetch files too often ( every reboot ) can decrease system performance!

TEMP Files:
It is also necessary to clear registry and TEMP files for periodically.
itry booting into safe mode command prompt & run chkdsk /f, then boot normally & run disk defragmenter from (diskmgmt.msc)

run msconfig & determine if there are too many things starting up, if some aren't needed uncheck them, i don't know when bootvis is loading, but it may be what is hanging your system as it analyzes it
hey dim, what's your status?
dimsandwichAuthor Commented:
Sorry folks, I've been on holiday, will find a chance to experiment with a few of the suggestions over the next few days.
hey dim, any updates for us?
dimsandwichAuthor Commented:
OK folks, I've looked at all your responses so far and thanks for the pointers (well apart from Chris B of course ;o).  I did connect the old disk to the motherboard but did a scratch re-install of windows XP pro rather than try to rescue any stuff so not sure that applies so haven't tried the registry hacks there yet.
I've cleaned out the prefetch and temp and the pagefile was already set to 768mb and none of that cured the problem unfortunately.  I ran chkdsk /f and defrag and no errors were fixed and having just recently reinstalled, the defrag didn't show much defragmentation (ran it anyway tho).  The problem was present even before installing bootvis but uninstalled it anyway just in case.  Problem's still there.  Bummed.  Thanks for all your help and any more tips/thoughts welcomly received.
dimsandwichAuthor Commented:
Folks, I am truly very sorry and take the hint from FriarTuk.  I clean forgot.  Well, I still have to try out removing the Nic and CD drives but so far none of the above have resolved the problem.  I think I might just go for another clean re-install and see if that cures it.  I think the problem began after a particular set up updates from Microsoft were applied (I could be kidding myself though).  Restoring to an earlier point isn't helping either so I think I will award the points across those who took the time to try to help me.

I could be trying things for a while (don't get much time to tinker nowadays) so best I close the question out.

thx dimsandwich, come back if you need more help.
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