DVD drive is locked. Windows does not recognize its not used anymore.

Is there a possibility to tell W2K to unlock a drive (except rebooting) ?

DVD Ram drive in W2K.
Automatic process burned a new session of a multisession DVD and hung up.
Process was terminated.
DVD drive LED is still blinking and DVD drive can not be opened.
Unlocked tray mechanically and removed DVD.
Nevertheless W2K thinks the DVD still there.
The root directories on the DVD are still shown. When I try to open one of these directories a message appears, something like "please insert a disk".
This message appears even if a new disk is inserted.
DVD burn program cannot access the drive.

I know that a reboot would fix it, but this is a server which should not be booted at all.
Is there another way to solve this problem? Some way to reset the drive?

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did you try to remove the hardware and find it again ?
use a DVD player software (PowerDVD/WinDVD etc) to open the DVD and the DVD drive will be unlocked
Then exit the player
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JustAHintAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the hint, but I do not have a DVD player software on this machine.
This is a server for a facility.
Only Nero is installed for backups. And Nero hangs up now when searching for DVDs on the machine.
Using "Eject" in W2K does not work either.
Another tool which allows to open the tray by script does not work anymore either.
It seems W2K is telling everybody the DVD is still in use and does not allow access.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
It sounds like "1 or 2" possible issue resolve to your situation.

#1: You DVDRom Drive is possibly bad. Check the Event Logs for any errors with your DVDRom Drive.
Anything like "Bad Block" on your DVDRom Drive will indicate problems with it.
If this is the case, then replacing the drive is the best alternative.
DVDRom Drives cost little of nothing these days, I just built a new computer for a customer and spent
Only $35.00 for the DVDRom 16x Speed. So this is an option.

#2: Uninstall Nero, Reboot the system, [Delete] the Ahead\Nero Folder from your drive.
Then Delete it out of the [Recycle Bin].
do a :Registry Clean: using a program such as: RegSeeker
http://www.hoverdesk.net/freeware.htm (FREEWARE)
You can do a [Find in Registry] in the program, and let it find everything that deals with
Nero (&) Ahead
Delete all findings in the registry.
Then do a Disk Defrag on the drive. C:\ and the Installation drive of Nero (If not on C:\ Drive)

After you have completed everything on #2, Then Reinstall Nero again.
See if the problems still persist. If they do, then you may need to replace the DVDRom Drive.

The only other option is #3:
#3 (Hopefully not needed) A reinstall of the OS, drivers could be corrupted on the Server.
Depending on how long it has been installed and how many problems besides the DVDRom issue
You have had.

Take Care
JustAHintAuthor Commented:
I will go with your suggestion and replace the DVD hardware.
I will split the points since no answer allows to fix the problem without reboot, reinstall or additional installation.
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