Conditional Assembly Signing in VS2005

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I have a bunch of class libraries, which I use from two applications: a Windows and a Web application. I strong sign these assemblies because I deploy them to customer computers with the Windows application. However during development of the Web application I sometimes get strange errors, which according to MS KB are because the signed assemblies are put in the BIN folder of the Web application (which is not supported). I don't want to put the assemblies in the GAC, because I am changing them during development and I don't want to remove the assembly signing because I need it for the Windows application.

Is there a way I can make the signing conditional? Like in the Web solution - do not sign them, in the Windows solution - sign them?

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AlexFMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Solution is actually list of projects which doesn't contain any other information. I think the only way to make solution-dependent action is to add some project to solution which makes this action.
For example, you can add to Windows solution Makefile project, which runs batch file. This file signs some assemblies - they should not be signed in their own projects. Web solution should not contain this project.
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
I have to declare them Delay Signed then (otherwise signing with a batch will not work). And delay signed means no way to debug them or use them in the web solution.
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