Fixed Disk explanation

Hi Experts,
I used a utility to view the partitions in a system.  The results were:

P          Status         type                 MB                  S                 Usage
1             A             NTFS              38,165                                 100%

Total Disk Space   7926

Question?   does this look correct?  and why is there a Total Disk Space?

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>>  Question?   does this look correct?   <<  We cannot tell without you telling is what the drive size is - it is printed on every disk.
download the latest fdisk from :
in order to recognise disks larger than 64 MB
>>  and why is there a Total Disk Space?   << because you can have more than 1 partition, so eg :
disk is marked as 40 GB
partition 1 = 15 Gb
partition 2 = 20 Gb
free space  would be something less than 5 Gb
Total disk space would be around 40 GB
which one, dos fdisk?
Cert98Author Commented:
yes, dos
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What is the purported size of this drive? Looks a bit odd with the 100% usage as in fdisk that indicates how much of the total disk space used by that partition - in your case the total size is much larger so the percentage should be less than 100%...

Of course, the version of fdisk you use might have problems with a very large drive...
i had problems with dos fdisk not reporting ntfs partitions correctly many times, but as rid stated older versions of fdisk don't support larger drives - i experienced this too, as it reads the partition ok but reports the total size as an 8gb drive
Cert98Author Commented:
Hi Nobus,
It is a 40gb drive   I didn't download the utility but did bookmark the link for larger drives.  
ok - have fun !
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