Arcserve 11.5 & USB Tape Drives

Just wondering if anybody has installed arcserve 11.5 (we have sbs version) with an internal HP USB Dat drive (72gb)
Windows server (2003) sees the tape drive in device manager as a tape drive no problems.
Arcserve device manager only sees the cd-rom and hard drives.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Update ARCserve
QO77091 ZIP 598 MB 03/22/06 NT - BAB R11.5 WINDOWS - SP 1 - The  
QO78909 ZIP 13.1 MB 05/10/06 NT -DEVICE SUPPORT UPDATE 5
Yes you will have to run some USB patches, Arcserve was written and the "coffin nailed", so to speak, before USB was a component in the equation.
The information I posted "is" the resolution to this problem. The original release of 11.5 did not support the drive and only with the updates does it work.
elliottbreenAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the long delay.  CA have had problems with there download site and large files were not downloading.  Eventually, our CA account manager sent me the sp and yes it did fix the problem this week.
Many thanks
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