JMS-MQ Textmessage vs. Bytemessage


 I'm setting up comunication from a locally developed program with a webservice (SOAP). The transportation method will be JMS-MQ that uses IBM Websphere. There is a discussion going on between the 2 parties, my side and the webservice side on what type of message to use, 'Textmessage' or 'Bytesmessage'. Are there any experts in the house that can give me an overview of the pro's and the con's for each of the type of messages. I'm pretty new to this and need some input fast.

 Thx on beforehand.

regards, H_3k
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You would use BytesMessage for binary content and TextMessage where you have textual info that can be stored in a String
H_3kAuthor Commented:
In only need to send an XML string as a SOAP message, no binary content.

The question is raised by a limitation of 1 of the 2 systems to only send bytesmessages. I still need some input why either a bytesmessage or a textmessage is better for sending an XML. Arguments could be characterset issues, readability, ...
The reason is not specific to SOAP. Byte (although everything is bytes ultimately) is no longer the basic storage unit for text as internationalization is now ubiquitous. The basic storage unit is now two bytes long (char in Java) and that basic unit is honored by text oriented types, not binary (byte) ones
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