how to install linux .....

sound's silly but please give the whole process of installation of linux os ........stpe by step process ......i have heard that i have to specially made partiotions on the hard disk...i am using win xp ....can i install both the operating systems ??
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ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless the hard drive/partition you use is full, there are several distributions that offer to resize the windows partition and create partition(s) for Linux more or less automatically during install (Ubuntu, SUSE). A bootloader will be installed that allows you to choose which O/S to load at startup, if you allow it to install in the MBR. If you reload windows, this will break, unfortunately.

I'd suggest you run a defrag, then try to install a suitable Linux distro. I am quite satisfied with Ubuntu ( as it seems to have good hardware support and a very straightforward install program.

Download .iso, burn to CD, insert said CD and reboot (making sure to boot from CD...) and follow on-screen instructions. Not too unlike windows (less licensing hassle, activation etc.) except it's ASCII graphics.
You can have both operating systems installed simultaneously.  What linux distribution do you want to install?
Gabriel OrozcoConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:

in order for you to install linux, you must leave some "unpartitioned" space. this is easy to do with partition magic. If you are installing Mandriva Linux, they have a procedure that does the same as partition magic included in  their install program.

once you leave the space unpartitioned, you are able to begin the installation process. usually the linux install program will suggest you a partitioning scheme. While is not the best in my humble opinion, you can do with it while you get more proeficient
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...assuming that windows is already installed on the HD... If you want both O/S's, windows should be installed first.
xDamoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:


and type Perfect installation and it will show you how to do a step by step installation
for alot of distrobutions
nedvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
" sound's silly but..."
Not only silly but almost IMPOSSIBLE and this is why:
a-different Linux distributions use different setup routines , have diofferent setup tools ( FEdira-RedHat is using so called anaconda installed , SuSE is using their well known YAST, Debian and Slackware including their derivative s and offshots use pure text ( ncurses) based installers etc.
b-some distributions have partitioning tools ( like Mandrake/Mandriva famous DiskDrake or Xandros partition resizes) other have no other partitioning tools at all or they provide only commandline partitioning utilities like
cfdisk od fdisk.
c-there are so manu different setup routines so one would've to compile an essay about all choices you get with Linux just to tell there's no unison approach on how to install Linux.

But if you want to get an idea on how different Linux distros run their  setup processes you can visit OSdir
Screenshot Gallery and see for yourself what would be most acceptable method to you. 

YES you can dual boot your system between WIndows XP and Linux.

good luck
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best installation handbook for Linux I know off is the one which is online from Gentoo. Be aware that using this method you will do everything manually, but you will also learn the most:
avatechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are completely new to linux and want to dual boot I *highly* recomend backing up your existing system.  If at all possible, use another hard drive or find a cheap / low end system to do your learning and experimentation with.  There is no real "step by step" process in the wild as each linuc distribution will vary in installation.

Some of the "nicer" beginner distributions to consider:


They have lots of documentation and installation help.  In any case, if you absolutely MUST dual boot, please backup your machine.  I hate to see a flame start when you make a mistake and end up wiping your system ...
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