Integrating Flash 8 and C# Windows Application, what is the best way for data transfer?

I m creating a windows application using C# with Flash 8 embeded on it. (Please note this is windows application not web based). I would like to know what is the best way to communicate the variables:

 from Flash to C#
 from C# to Flash

The application that I will be developing will be a datagrid in Flash that is editable. Once the user edit the values in the datagrid, it will be submitted and passed into C# and C# will be the middleware that is communicating to the database. There might invalid values that must be rejected and that must be told to the user.

After some searching through google, I found out that there are several options available:

- fscommand
- xml through netservices
- some serializing and deserializing of strings
- and there might be other options that I don't know of

However some of the examples given on those websites are still not very clear.

My question:
1. what other alternatives for the data transfer?
2. what is the best solution for the data transfer from flash to C# ?
3. what is the best solution for the data transfer from C# to flash ?
4. will it be possible to transfer raw arrays from flash to C# directly?
5. is it possible to have an xml passed from C# into flash that can be directly populating the datagrid? (so that I dont have to parse the values in actionscript and put it inside the datagrid)
6. can I get an example for each of these data transfer?

thx in advance :)
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blue-genieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi there, just my 2c worth.
i only have 1 experience with wrapping flash in c# and we used fscommand for the communication channels and that worked a charm.
what we were doing was writing out xml as a string, and parsing that to the C# which wrote out the physical xml file.
don't know if that helps :-)


kecoakAuthor Commented:
Can I have some example of the coding both in C# and actiontionscript
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