CPF4207 -Authorization failure on DDM TCP/IP connection attempt

I am getting an error MSG CPF4207 with reason code 6 (User ID not valid. For a iseries  server this could mean a damaged user profile or PASSWORD(*NONE)) . But when I check to User Id in the remote System-B that userid is good .This particular User id is not Present in another system-A  Where the actual Physical File Exist.
I have created that same User Id in System-A, this problem Fixed I not getting this error any more.
The problem is We cannot create all the available user Id in System-B to System-A.  Is there any way to Solve this problem like Compiling the PGM with *CALLER  Things like that .

If you need any more Explanation Please let me know.

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_b_hConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, MW
You can add a server authentication entry for each user on the source system (using a program) that will allow them all to use the same user on the target system.
You need to set QRETSVRSEC to 1 if passwords are required on the source system.

The command looks like:
ADDSVRAUTE USRPRF(localuser) SERVER(remotedatabase) USRID(remoteuser)

Details, including the source for the program that adds the entries, are at:

Post back any questions!
midwestexpAuthor Commented:
Hi BH,
Source System means  the system where DDM resides,
Target System Means the system where PF resides,  am i right ?

According  to this Docement i have to have one userid In the Target System(PF)
and use ADDSVRAUTE  for all the required user in Source System  who are all goin to use that DDM in the Target System.

"set QRETSVRSEC to 1 if passwords are required on the source system"  Please explain this to me where to set and what do you mean passwords are required

You can WRKSYSVAL QRETSVRSEC then option 5 to display it and 2 to change it.
Yes the source is where the DDM file is and the target is where the pf lives.
midwestexpAuthor Commented:
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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