Blackberry Contact list issue


I use a Blackberry 7520 and have everything synced up fine, I would like to add my Kerio Mail server contact list to my blackberry instead of my personal contact list, any ideas on how I could see that from the utility that I add different folders along with my personal list.
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JConchieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then I don't believe it can be done directly.  The BB PIM sync has a number of connectors for different email apps...but I don't think Kerio is among them.   What you could do is run Outlook on your desktop, copy all your Kerio contacts into the default contacts folder in Outlook....and sync the BB Handheld Address book to that.
What are you syncing the BB to?  Outlook?  Are you using the desktop manager/redirector, or a BES?
goccsgAuthor Commented:
I am using desktop manager, I am currently just forwarding all email from my kerio mail server to my bb.
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