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We use NDPS today, moving to iPrint which should be a breeze.  We're just cleaning things up now and are populating the location field in each NDPS printer to make it easier to locate a specific printer.  When I say Location, I specifically mean the identification section / Location field of the NDPS printer object.  

After editing the location, I would expect the change to be reflected on the webpage (http://servername/ipp).  Many of the printers that had locations already set, show up just fine on the ipp webpage.  Now that I am editing any printers that previously had an empty location field, those never seem to show up on the webpage.  The printers themselves are of course there, but the Printer Location field is empty on the webpage.  

My initial thought was to restart the web services but that did not work.  The server has even been rebooted since making these changes.  Am I missing something here? :)
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dotENGConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Through an experiment I've made by changing the location field in iManager->iPrint->Manage Printer->Printer control->Identification->Location, the change has been reflected in the /ipp page without any delay.
Try creating a new printer or changing these that do show the location and post your results.
rvthostAuthor Commented:
dotEng, thanks for your comments.  I found the solution (or what I was doing wrong) last night.

Previously with NDPS, the location value was always stored in DS. The ipp page needs to retrieve it from the PSM database. If I use iManager, it will save it in both locations.

My printers are normally managed through iManager, but I set the location through NWAdmin since it was quicker to go through a large list.  That explains my problem though.  Once I opened the identification section in iManager, I just clicked Apply and it saved it correctly so it shows up in the ipp webpage.

Thanks for your efforts though.

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