Making domain name resolve to /exchange

Can anyone tell me if its possible or how i can have the /exchange assinged to its own ip/domain name?
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g127404Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the ability to create a subdomain (depends on who controls your DNS), then create one such as:
then the virtual directory can be pointed to this subdomain.
You could create a subdomain, then configure your http server to foward that to any URL you like with either a virtual directory or just an http file.

becomes: (with a virtual server pointing to the subfolder)
Tork4840Author Commented:
Under the properties of the default web site on the Home Directoy tab could i get away with choosing a redirection to a url and point it to ? we are not running a web site off the SBS box
That's the default setting and should already work like that.  You could even use your static outside ip address like:
and it should take you to your Exchange website.
Does this not currently work?

I was under the assumption you wanted to get rid of typing in the "/exchange" at the end of the domain name and thus resolve it to its own domain name.
Tork4840Author Commented:
You are correct in your assumtion. I was refering in the properties for the default web site in IIS. Replacing inetpub/wwwroot with the for the home directory.

Im trying to get to replace

It didnt work like that though.
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