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BNC to SC Fiber Converter?

We are looking for a stand-alone converter to convert our SC fiber link to BNC. I've seen a few devices that do this, but they cost around $1000. Does anyone have any recommendations of a more inexpensive converter available?

Thanks a lot.
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
BNC?!?  Wow.  1989 called and they want their network back.  :-)

Sorry for giving you a hard time.  Check out Canary Communications, Inc. at www.canarycom.com.  They've got a Fiber to BNC media converter which is pretty inexpensive.  I think it's the MMC-2012.  I saw one online for about $150.00.

Hope that helps.

Are you talking about converting light (fiber SC) to copper (COAX with BNC)?  Or are you talking about converting light (fiber SC) to light (fiber ST)???  The St style is a bayonet style BNC like the traditional coax Britsh Navel Connector (BNC).

If you are talking about light to light (SC to ST) then all you need is an SC to ST adapter here is a link:


If you are talking about converting light to copper then here is your link:


I'm not sure you'll save any money with Blackbox but at least you have another choice.

Good luck!

Oh I almost forgot.  You'll need to know if you are dealing with multi-mode or single-mode fiber before you purchase.

Here is the text of the 10-Mbps Conversion Modules section on the second Blackbox link I sent you:

10BASE-T/Multimode, SC up to 4 km  . . . . . LE740-TPSTM-SC-R2 . . . . . $180.00

10BASE-T/Single-Mode Plus, ST up to 40 km  . . . . . LE740-TPSTS20-R2 . . . . .$300.00

If you have single-mode you'll also have to get an SC to ST converter to use the LE740-TPSTS20-R2 module.

All the Blackbox part numbers start with LE740 for this series of parts.
badnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks dmcoop, the SC solution you provided looks pretty good.
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