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I own Visual Studio .NET 2003, have tried MS Script Debugger under IE6 and have seen Script Debugger 1.5 from some commercial source.  Why oh why is it SOOOOOOOOOOOO impossibly difficult to do Javascript debugging, as easy and painless as debugging my C# code.  It is bad enough with the hundreds of bugs in IE and baffling browser misinterprations of the same code.

Can someone please recommend a working Javascript debugger and provide me with an accurate walk-thru for debugging Javascript code that is embedded in an .ASCX page(we're making Rainbow Modules).  To make things easier i should be able to copy the Javascript code from the .ASCX page and place it into an .ASPX page or even seperate .JS file but eventually it will be meshed with the .ASCX page.  If i can set breakpoints, step thru, lookup variable contents, then I'll be happy.  

I've already tried the instructions on:

Thank you.
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Pravin AsarConnect With a Mentor Principal Systems EngineerCommented:
You could use FF, or add a following code to you file.
That can help you catch errors and display.

or use some editors/tools such as

<title>Catch error </title>

<script language="javascript">
function handleErr(err)
txt="There was an error on this page.\n\n"
txt+="Error: " + err + "\n"
return true
alert ('Message  ' + myvar);
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