How do I edit the custom project enterprise fields?

I cannot rename the enterprise custom fields nor use them in Projects to publish custom fields to enterprise projects.  It is all greyed out.  I am connected to project server fine, but can't change these fields.  I'm under the gun to get this done so I'm awarding high points.......

I need to set a custom field to capture the product that will be implemented for example.
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Hi :
Try this
1.-Open Project Professional, and make sure that you connect to the Project
Server database.

2. Choose Tools->Enterprise Options ->Open Enterprise Global to open the
Enterprise Global template code. Project displays the Checked-out Enterprise
Global template

NOTE:The most obvious difference between regular projects and the
Checked-out Enterprise Global template in Project Professional is the title bar.

While the Checked-out Enterprise Global template looks like other projects, if you
poke around, you find that certain commands, such as the Build Team from
Enterprise command, are disabled.

3. Choose Tools->Customize➪Enterprise Fields.
4. Click the Custom Outline Codes tab.
5. In the Outline Code panel, select the Resource option button.
6. Select an enterprise resource outline code to customize. For this example, I’m
going to use Enterprise Resource Outline Code 21.

To create a multivalue code, make sure that you select any code between
Enterprise Resource Outline Code 20 and 29.

7. Click the Rename button, and in the Rename Field dialog box that appears,
type a new name for the enterprise resource outline code. Then click OK to
redisplay the Customize Enterprise Fields dialog box.

8. Click the Define Code Mask button to open the Outline Code Definition dialog

9. In the Sequence column, define the type of values that are acceptable in your
company’s code. In the Length column, provide a number (or choose Any) for
the length of the code. If your code is composed of parts, choose a separator
character to distinguish the first part of the code from the second part of the

10. Click OK to redisplay the Customize Enterprise Fields dialog box.

11. Click the Edit Lookup Table button to display the Edit Lookup Table dialog

12. Enter the values that your organization uses for the custom field, and click

13. Click Close.

14. Click the Save button to save the Enterprise Global template and your new
enterprise custom field.

Hope this helped you.
Enterprise fileds can only be changed in the Enterprise Global as they are common for all projects. This is the reason, why they are greyed out, if you open a normal project. This behaviour affects also some of the other settings, which have to be commen within a collaboration environment.

Also if you cahnge views, add columns to tables etc, you have to change these settings within the enterprise global, if you want to save them.
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