Where can I get the PIX 501 VPN CLient Software


We bought 2 PIX 501s and have a point to point VPN between our offices.  No problems.

Some of our users want to get on the VPN when they are travelling and I know that there is a VPN client software that you can load and config the PIX for it with an authentication key.  I've looked on the CD that came with the 501s and cannot find the VPN Client software.  Do I need to get it from Cisco?  How?


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 It can be downloaded for free here (URL for Windows client):  http://www.cisco.com/cgi-bin/tablebuild.pl/windows
  ...BUT you need a CCO login to do so.  Register for a login here:  http://tools.cisco.com/RPF/register/register.do

If you have a SmartNet contract on the PIX (or some other device), the option you'd choose for the CCO account registration would be "Service Contract Owner".
  If these are brand-new PIXes, you should be able to purchase SmartNet after the fact; just contact your Cisco distributor/reseller.

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