What 3 keys rotate the screen on a PC?

This is a question from a competition:

"What 3 keys on a keyboard are used to rotate the screen on a PC?"

I presume its a control sequence.  But in 25 years using PCs I never had to do it.

Anyone know the answer?
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mostly CTRL+ALT+ arrow key, but it depends on video driver and software.
It depends on the software that is controlling the screen rotation.
i am unaware of a keyboard shortcut to do that. the video card controls the display presentation. right click desktop > properties > settings > advanced.

some video cards will rotate the screen and some will not. Some ATI adapters will allow you to program hot keys.

best of luck!
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If its a Dell laptop try using

CTRL+ALT+ (up arrow, or right arrow, or left arrow, or down arrow)
Depends on hardware, they are trying to trick you.
On a radius monitor, you just turn the monitor.  On a laptop, you would not want to rotate the screen.
On a dual monitor card, where one can be used as a full-page display, it is in the video driver software, as the above people mentioned.  There is no ONE SINGE solution to this, it is totally hardware dependant.  
yes it does depend on the hardware and software drivers but by far the most common i have seen is as compuken said
ctrl+alt+arrow key
If the above doesn't work you right click the desktop and hit properties > settings tab > advanced
And there will be settings specifically for your video card, some have an option called 'screen rotation' or to a similar effect.

I hope this helps.
CTRL+ALT+An Arrow Key - will do the job!
Hi Coolmain,
Don't feel bad, I saw the CTRL+ALT+ Arrow Key for the first time just last week when one of my users found it by accident.  However, even though all of my users use Dells, not all of them can use this key combo.  The difference seems to be that some are using a software image I created which had a fresh install of XP and the ones that have this capability are on a PC with a software image created by my predecessor which was built on the XP image that came with the Dell PCs.  There appears to be a separate Dell utility that runs in the background on these to facilitate that hotkey combo, so if you have Dell PCs you may be able to download the utility from them.
The Dell utility does not appear to be dependent on the video hardware being rotation capable.

If you don't have Dells, there is a third party app out there. Check out http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/irotate.shtm

This appears to be dependent upon the video hardware being rotation capable.
Some rotation capable hardware will have drivers that can rotate the screen.  My new Dell, for example,  has a monitor that can swivel and an ATI Radeon that will auto switch the orientation when I do.  However, I cannot rotate it using hotkeys, so for the functionality you described, I'd need to use the software I referenced above.

I hope that helps.
i would recommend a point split between compuken and captjt.
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