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Ghost network image restore timeout

I'm using Ghost Corporate 8.0 to image a training classroom of 10 IBM A51's and 5 Dell GX260s.

I've done multicast imaging on the 10 IBM's a handful of times before (no more than 3 at a time) and they've run at a pretty decent speed and time, 600@~20+minutes for three.

The Dells image just fine.

What's happening now is that if I try to run a multicast on even just two machines one or more will time out and bring the whole process to down.  Single machine imaging also times out.

machine spec:

IBM ThinkCentre A51 81311NU
40gb Sata, on board everything, 1gb ram

what I've attempted:

bios updates
using a different image
using a private network
using different switches
using a different nic on the ghost server
using a different ghost server

I've attempted installing an external gb nic on the desktops but have had limited success with them even installing.

training starts next tuesday, help!


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1 Solution
OK can you answer a few questions for me first.

How many network cards in the machines?
are you trying to use the same image for different hardware?
Are you using Ghost cast server to roll out the images or Ghost Console?
Does your machines ahve reserved IP addresses or open DHCP?

I'm sure I can find you a quick sollution as we run Ghost here quite extensively in a training center and I have some ok experience with it.
jguigayomaAuthor Commented:
How many network cards in the machines?
--one.  I've had trouble installing a second network card.
are you trying to use the same image for different hardware?
--same image on same hardware.
Are you using Ghost cast server to roll out the images or Ghost Console?
Does your machines ahve reserved IP addresses or open DHCP?

OK DHCP is one of your problems. It means that the DOs client picks up one IP address and it is registered in the arp cache of the server.  Then the server has this address cached for the MAC address and as such when it starts again in windows it gets a new IP from the DHCP but the server still ahs the old IP cached.

so if you then try to run a task in Ghost console to acess the computers that are registered ion the console you will seee that the computers does not have a little line under them indicating network connections.  so go to start, run and type in: ARP -d *
then cehck if you see the computers appearing. can take up to 15 minutes

You did not answer my question on which utility you use for the Multicast. GHOST CONSOLE OR Ghost cast server ( console has a yellow icon and you can register computers with it and create tasks for auto rollout - Ghostcast server is a single session with session name attached started from a green icon)

and yes you can get multiple network cards working but there is a procedure for this to make it easier.

can you let me know about the
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jguigayomaAuthor Commented:
whoops, I'm using Ghost cast server not console.

I'll try reserving ips for the machines and see if that works.

update: worst case scenario, sigh, I do local updates from an external usb hdd.

OK here are some issues.
1.  SATA HDD and ghost 8.0  you maqy need to use some specific switches.

but first things first

use a blank image and install tthe ghost client.  

then go to the server and run arp -d * from start run

then open the ghost console and see if the computername appears under default ( mahcine groups) and check the ip adrss matches.  open the computer and check the client have the correct network card driver ( second tab at the top)

if it does then you can chnage the computer configuration ( ie give it a name , chnage the display name, assign fixed ip or dhcp , assign domain, assign username etc)

when you ahve done that create a task that points to an image that includes the ghost client. ( VERY IMPORTANT. when saving images for rollout they must be part of a work group and to save you a lot of troubleshooting time use ghost cast server instead of console to save/upload the images)

so when you ahve started this task with only that singel computer in it you can then check if it rolls out properly.

let me know what problems you run into during this.

another tip. you can use 3com boot services that ship with GHOST enterprise to stop the need for boot disks and use PXE boot if your network cards support this.  I know you are on a tight time schedule so send me the following info too. what training is this. Office? what product etc.... then I may be able to help you with a work around temporarliy till we can tackle this from the ground up.  what time zone are you in. I'm central european. let co-ordinate. maybe I can call you as this ill then go much faster.

jguigayomaAuthor Commented:
after much googling we found an entry that said that sata drives might have to be wiped clean before imaging.  oddly enough, that seem to have worked.

seemed because when we attempted to re-ghost a single machine after ghosting all ten the problem persisted.

for now we are in the clear, but we need to take care of the problem because next week there's training in New York, I'm in California, using the same machines and I was told that they are exhibiting the same behavior.

I just found out that not all ten machines will be in use for this weeks training so I can continue to troubleshoot.
california... that will be either a VERY early morning for me and a late night for you or vice versa....

but lets tackle the whole ghost thing from the top.

what you need
ok from the top then:

What you need is the following

1. ghost console user that had admin rights in the domain amdins group as it needs to be able to add computers to the domain.  if you have multiple domain controllers in your network or a multihomed domain crontroller that also runs dns and dhcp as well as RAS you may need to use the netdom command to be able to add them to the domain ( some issues with ghst 8.0)

2. you then need to register all your computers with the console. the easiets way I foudn to do this is make the computer the way you wanat it ( ie DHCP on or out, computer name, description, user name - that you are logged on with - domain membership etc) the binstakl the ghost client form the server c:\program files\\Symantec\Ghost\ClientInstall\client.msi

3. you should now be able to see the computers listed under the ghost console MACHINE GROUPs named DEFAULT

4. if you have more than one network card installed decide which one will be the one you will use and remove or disable the other one before adding the machine to the ghost console. this way the correct MAC address is registered.

5. if the computers do not appear then run "arp -d *"  grom the start menu / run.  as I said before when you image a computer with a dos boot disk or with the ghost client ( in essence dos) then it requests a IP address from DHCP. when it then starts again in windows it requests a new one. the old one for that mac address is then still cached on the server side and as such the server still tries to access it on the old IP. the arp command with -d deletes an entry and * means all entries.  the rest of communication witll be cached again....  if your computers do not move much between classrooms etc or betweeen subnets it is easier adding them all the DHCP as a reservation as then you never have this problem.

6. to create images:
  a. you need to have 3com boot services installed to make it easy on yourself and of course you need PXE boot on your network cards.
 b. with 3com boot services you can create ba menu and a boot file that symulates a boot disk so that you do not need to run around from machine to machine with two boot disks to get them up and running.
c. make sure you ahve the computer that you want to get the image form in a workgroup (NEVER A DOMAIN) also add the ghost windows client to the image.
d. start ghost cast server, save and image with a session name and you will ahve an image of the machine ( ask if you need more details on the last few items mentioned here)
e.then create an image link in the ghost console under images.
f. create a task that includes WOL, Clone (and select image) select the computer or group of computers, and seleft configuration.
g. NEVER SELECT REFRESH configuration etc as this brings back current settings form the machine. so if it is not corrrectly configured you get the wrong settings back.  refresh inventory is handy once you start playing with that and AI scripts etc....
h. now run the task on this machine as a test and see what happens.  if you receive any errors ( at task completion you can double click the task and then all warnings and errors for more details) then contact me again here and I will help further.

if needs be I can call you to help some more.... just look for my name on hotmail to be able to msn.  I will then past the content of those conversations here to helpl others.


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