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Posted on 2006-05-17
Last Modified: 2010-08-05

HI Experts,

my motherboard died last week, I have a 2.4G P4, socket 478, i just purchased a new ASUS motherboard along with a 400W power Supply, after i hooked everything up, when i try to turn on the system none of the fans come on, the only thing that happens, is that there is an LED light on the board that lights up, that it. I obvoiusly did something wrong although i did double check and it seems as though all the connections are correct. One thing i am aware of and this could be the problem, the new motherboard has a few more mounting screws, i only used the one i had with the old board, could this be the problem? do you need to fill all the mounting slots, i think this may be the case because it looks like there are contacts on the board for the screws...please help    
Question by:rralph
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    Well,  the good news is that it's not the mounting screws (or the lack of) causing the problem.  I did a similar MB change a few weeks ago,  and I only used 6 of the 10 mounting screws.  Just a guess,  but are you using the old processor?  If you are not getting to the bios diagnostics (or getting any beeps), it's highly likely that the CPU is toast. If you are positive that the CPU is good (and installed correctly), I would suspect the bios chip maybe the culprit.
       Basic troubleshooting - remove (unplug) everything but the memory and the CPU... try to power on... see if you get any activity... boot screen or BIOS beep code.... if nothing... you can be assured the problem is down to a CPU/ BIOS/ or powersupply problem.  Hope this helps

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    mluther, thanks for the reply, i will try your suggestions, can i assume i have all the connection installed correcty because the LED light is on, on the motherboard?
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    Well, all you can assume is that the motherboard is getting power.

    It could be as simple as the power button wire not connected properly to the motherboard.
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    as ISoul has said, check the power button connection to the motherboard and verify you have the correct wires and the wires are not mixed with the reset button.  Does the old power supply run the power switch?  It's really hard to tell you without knowing what kind of computer it is and what kind of motherboard you did have.
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    Absolutley mount all the mounting points on the motherboard.  Those mounting points are also grounding points (so don't insulate them from the metal standoffs).  When I use to work in a computer service center as a tech I cannot even tell you how many computer problems I have solved by simply putting all the stand-offs on for the customer.  

    Now as far as your problem goes . . . it is not likely because you didn't use all the stand-offs.  Put them all in and try it again anyway though.  Not using all the stand-offs can cause intermittent problems but I have only seen once a system not boot because of it.

    Something else I have seen a lot is when a customer would do a MB upgrade they would leave a stand-off behind that had no mounting point on the new MB.  This would cause a dead-short and keep the sytem from booting.  So check that.

    mluther223's troubleshooting tips are sound.  Have only the MB, CPU, Memory, and if necessary the video card in and see it the thing will POST.  Then add back in the CD-ROM, then floppy, then HD, then any additional cards one at a time.

    The fact that you purchased an ASUS is a big plus.  They are RARELY bad out of the box.  I have seen it but you can safely assume a bad MB last in your troubleshooting.

    Good luck!
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    Is 12VDC auxiliary power for CPU connected (square 4 pin connector)?

    After trying mluther's suggestions, remove motherboard and place on shipping foam or cardboard and test.  That will eliminate a case short and ease troubleshooting.

    Mobo does not need to be grounded to operate.  I test them resting on a piece of anti-static foam, others use cardboard.  Mounts are mainly for support.  An extra metal standoff contacting solder connections on motherboard is another matter.

    Note for you younger folks.  Baby AT mobos were commonly mounted using only plastic or nylon standoffs.
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    I would agree with willcomp.  12DC Power for CPU would cause this to occur if not properly connected.
    Next would be to ensure that the 'power sw' cable from the case to the motherboard is correctly connected.
    Could also try removing any PCI/AGP slots that may be holding it down (due to hardware or incompatability issues)

    Hope this helps.
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    You can also check whether the CMOS jumper is set to 'Operation' and not to 'Clear CMOS'. Normally the pin assignment should be 2-3 (Operation) and 1-2 (Clear CMOS).

    Also, read the motherboard manual for processors that it support.
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    If you can provide us with the motherboard model number we may give you a second opinion about how to do the wiring properly.

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    drpooed in a new CPU and all is well. Thanks experts

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