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DNS error 3152 need those red x's to leave me alone

Event Type:     Error
Event Source:     DNS
Event Category:     None
Event ID:     3152
Date:          5/16/2006
Time:          2:39:56 PM
User:          N/A
The DNS server was unable to open file dns\251.10.in-addr.arpa.dns.temp for write.  Most likely the file is a zone file that is already open.

This error just started and is driving me crazy... Any help would be great.
I have full permission to the c:\windows\system32\dns folder.
I have reloaded the zone with a new soa #. Still getting those darn x's.............
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1 Solution
first try stopping the DNS service, wait a few minutes, restart the DNS service.  Verify that all of the correct folders are under your zone (ie _udp).

Make sure that you are consistent... for example if you have other DC/DNS servers that are loading this zone as an AD integrated zone, and you have manually created this zone on the this server as a FILE based zone (instead of using AD IntegraTED), you can run into this type of problem.

Right click the zone and choose properties to see if it is AD Integrated or not.  
jasonleethompsonAuthor Commented:
I am considering stepping up to active directory integrated, in the mean time I have two servers "win 2003" that is set up one primary zone that has a reverse lookup zone on it pointing to the other server. The second server also has active directory installed and is a dc. It has a secondary zone for the primary and it also has a reverse lookup zone for the primary. First should I even have a reverse lookup zone on the primary that points to the other server?  We will call it like it is:  primary dns server is the "file" server, the other is "mail" server. The mail server also runs exchange " hence mail server" it is the secondary to the file primary server. The reverse zone on the primary seems to be working ok. The problem is on the mail servers reverse look up zone.

If I delete the two secondary zones bring it up to an active directory integrated zone will  I have problems with Exchange. Also all workstations would need to be rebooted and qurey the dns server @ logon.  About 200 of them.

Also on both servers: the c:\windows\system32\dns folders or grayed out with the "read only" attrib checked.

Thanks and sorry for all the words just to explain this in my little m$ind............

Also: stopping and restarting the dns zones would this not kill the queries that are taking place. 200 phone calls would suck.
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I would change your environment to AD Integrated DNS.  I would do this after hours as stopping the DNS service will kill any queries to that server (however, then the client will look to the secondary DNS server and as long as this one has the DNs service running, it will respond).  But, play it safe and wait for after hours time to do this work.

Do you have a flat network?  Meaning everyone on the same subnet?  Or do you different users on different subnets.  If all are on the same subnet, taking down DNS isn't that big of a deal...because they can broadcast to find resources on the same subnet.  Also, if you have WINS running, they can still use WINS.  

See this DNS FAQ for preferred DNS setup and common mistakes:  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B291382
jasonleethompsonAuthor Commented:
I have two subnets: and 11.0.  No on the WINS. I am bringing down one of the servers tonight to do some maintanance on it. Sounds like a good time to do some DNS work also. Is there any straight forward information on setting active directory integrated zones up. Meaning step 1, step2 next, next , finish.

With the network being on two subnets how much of an issue will I have tomorrow morning?

jasonleethompsonAuthor Commented:
All system32\dns files are cleared of the read only attrib. This is how it was before I got here and have made no changes to this.
jasonleethompsonAuthor Commented:
jasonleethompsonAuthor Commented:
Ultimately: We had a stuck bit that needed to be cleared off of a hard drive.


(2) Solution: reboot 2800 PowerEdge with original disk in drive, perc drivers on hand.
Ran recover options: chkdsk/r.

Replaced failing drive/ rebuilt RAID.

No errors in the last few days……….
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