OWA not working with Cisco PIX firewall

Hello all,  thanks in advance for any suggestions.

We have a 2003 exchange server that the OWA is working fine when accessing our dmz IP address from internally.  Externally it quit working yesterday sometime after morning (had an fellow employee get in yesterday morning.)  only 1 permit statement that had nothing to do with the exchange server was added.  Can access if I point it to the ip address on the dmz from internally but not to the public ip address.  We are using a static translation for the public facing ip address to the dmz ip address.  I check xlate and it only had the 1 entry for the IP in question.  We have acl's on our dmz network but I don't think it should be using those.  we do have an acl on our outside interface to allow any to the host ip of the exchange server on port 443.  This is incrementing when we try to access it.  But we still only get a "page cannot be displayed"  i did a tracert from a dialup internet account and it hits about 15 hops til it dies at destination unreachable.thanks for any info you can provide :)
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did you try a clear xlate on the pix?

Truity Credit UnionAuthor Commented:
I did a show xlate on the pix and the entries looked correct, but no I haven't.  nothing was changed from yesterday.  I'll give that a try
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Truity Credit UnionAuthor Commented:
that didn't help.
Truity Credit UnionAuthor Commented:
I've heard a dual gateway setup between interfaces on an exchange server can cause this to happen.  Any thoughts here?  We removed the internal gateway and added routes for each internal network to point back to the old internal gateway.  But this didn't help.
Truity Credit UnionAuthor Commented:
I think the dual gateway setup fixed the problem, my laptop had some issues and we used another test box and those gateway fixes on the exchange server must have fixed this problem.

thanks for the help
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