how can i exit a record without saving any changes? *access 2003*

sofar i have a form bound to a table. when users navigate to a record they may need to make changes. if by accident they make changes and want to disregard them they need a way for the form to ignore any changes made. can someone please help and tell me what i can do to ensure this happens before the changes are writen to the records table?

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Different options are available.

The simplest is to put an Undo button on the form.
Alternatively, you can add code to the Form Beforeupdate event procedure to display a 'Confirm Changes?' msgbox.

if msgbox("Confirm you wish to save changes", vbYesNo,"Save Changes") = vbyes then
' do nothing
cancel = true
end if


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Teach them to hit the Escape Key?
RiCHQRDAuthor Commented:
thanks peter.

that will do for now. i had the undo button but i was worried about changes they werent aware of so the code helped. my next task is to have a form open to register the changes in a revision history table, prefrably in another database. lets see how i get on with that.

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