How do I view system log files in Linux?

How do I view system log files in Linux?
I am new to the Linux world.  In the AIX world I can see the errors
with 'errpt'.  I can get an expanded version with 'errpt -a'.
I have been searching for an equivalent command in Linux but have
not found it.  Also in AIX I have cron jobs that sends an operator
message with the 'errlogger' command if my process fails for any reason.
What does Linux have that will do the same?
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makhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

All the log files are in /var/log  directory

you can use any editor of your chocie for viewing these files.

as for the cron jobs run.. they send a mail by default to the root user. Check your root mail boxe for this.

You can also see /var/log/messages for system wide error messages.

also if you want to see the bootup messages you can use the




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