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My company is consdering a Secure Access 700 for VPN access, has anyone had any experiences with this?
Also we are looking at fingerprint readers for authentication, any recommendations?
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I don't have experience on the SA but did have a couple demos on it from Juniper, and it looked pretty solid. and very easy. The GUI was similar to that of the Firewalls, which is very easy as well.

Ref here

I would recommend Juniper However the Juniper and F5 where both very good.

but you might want to look at these
AEP - Networks Netilla Security Platform
Array Networks - SPX5000
Aventail - EX-1500
CheckPoint - Connectra
F5 Networks - FirePass 4140
Fortinet - Fortigate 3600
Juniper Networks - Secure Access SSL VPN Appliance 6000
Nokia - Secure Access System 500s,8189,vpn,00.html
Nortel - VPN Gateway 3070
SonicWall - SSL-VPN 2000

here are some reviews
Independent reviews - (Many) (11) (FirePass vs. Aventail)
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