Inserting a picture from a webcam into a bound OLE object control on a FORM.

Using ACCESS 2000
We have a form with a bound OLE control in which the user RIGHT CLICKS, selects INSERT OBJECT, then chooses CREATE NEW, scrolls down and selects Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Scan, then clicks OK.
This then opens up Microsoft Photo Editor with a capture popup from the Logitech Camera software where they capture the picture, Crop it, then go up to the FILE menu and choose update.   The captured pic is inserted into the OLE control.

What we would like, is a button that performs as many of the steps as possible.  For example if it the code or macro could only start the insert command and the users had to do the rest, that would be good.  (this would at least elimnate the right click and eliminate the possibility of them making a wrong choice on the drop down menu.   If the code or macro could go even further and select Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Scan, that would be GREAT.    

I have a related question that I will post about displaying the bytes a picture is taking up so I can tell if the user has taken the picture at the correct resolution and cropped it the way they are supposed to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As photo editor is seperate and all,

How about using Macros? (not Access macros but Windows Macros)
TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
I've never done Macros outside of Excel & Word.  Seems like I used to play with them back in Windows 3.1.  I guess I don't even know where to start.   Right now I'm working on the code you gave me for my other question (thanks a million by the way).   It's a little over my head, but I'm looking at it.
alright, good learning exercise though eh :)

with this question, I wouldnt know how to code it as Ive not done much to do with external things like this.
I know with Access u have automation, code that allows u to access other office products, but I am not aware of anything like this. It might be worth a check on for something.

I came up with the idea of macros as I couldnt think of anything else, doh!
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