Unexpected Login Error Status 3221225874

I tried to log in to a machine on our network and get the following error message:
Window Security Message - "Unexpected Login Error Status 3221225874".  Any thoughts on resolving this issue?
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
Make sure that your Netlogon service is running on both machines.  If the Netlogon service is not running, check your Event Viewer to find out why it got hung.  Then, fix the underlying problem.

Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Are you sure that your domains are synching properly? That error is sometimes caused by faulty domain synchs and/or NETLOGON not starting up properly.


Another remote possibility: Ghosting NT stations causes all SIDs to be the same. That could be messing w/ your domain. There are programs (I think Norton makes one) which sets the SIDs to be unique.

Solution 2:
Please check to ensure you have "Client for Microsoft Network" and "File and Print Sharing" enabled on the machine.
If you are using Netware and the nwgina is being loaded, please load the msgina (microsoft's gina):
To reinstall the MSGina, perform the steps below.
1. Open the registry of the computer and go to the following location:
2. Change Nwgina.dll to Msgina.dll.
3. Restart the server and run the setup program again.

Solution 3
The 3221225874 error means that the NETLOGON service didn't start. One reason that the NETLOGON service doesn't start is that it timed out waiting for NDS4NT to connect to a NetWare server that holds an NDS replica of the parition the NDS4NT Domain exists in (trying to logon as the NDS4NT Domain object).

Solution 4
Services not started (ie Netlogon, RPC Locator, RPC Server etc being now set to manual).
intranetware client and a possible registry change (several cases addressed the client, but one customer replied that they had talked with Novell and there was a registry change they made which fixed the problem.   Unfortunatly they didn't say what it was)
Some cases indicated that the particular number related to a Novell issue, and that there was more information on their web site, but I haven't gone there.
Different customers ran repairs, loaded the original hive and reset the services to 0x2, reinstalled the internetware client, reinstalled NT, changed gina's, and several other things.  Results were varied and I couldn't find any set pattern or consistency with any of them.  I know that wasn't the answer you were looking for, but there doesn't seem to be any set answer that I can find on this.  If the services are all started properly and that doesn't seem to be the problem, then I would visit the Novell web site and/or call them too to see what additional information they might be able to provide on this.

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