Deleting An Administrative Service

Hello Everyone: I am using xp home edition sp2
Awhile back I had to Uninstall Outpost firewall. But I notice it is still on my Administrative Services List! I started the pc in safe mode and tried to delete it, but there was no option for doing this, How do I remove it from there? Thanks, Tom
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rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try opening a command prompt:
Start > Run > type:
press Enter

sc delete OutpostFirewall

press enter,
type exit and press enter to exit the command prompt
Here's some instructions that I found:

Extended Outpost Uninstall/Reinstall Instructions
tomseeAuthor Commented:
Expert4xp:  Thanks, But I used these instructions to uninstall outpost a couple of months ago, but the Outpost Service is still in the administrative services as Disabled! I want to get rid of it there because I no longer use Outpost.
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Dale MaySecurityCommented:
did you check your programs folder?
go to My computer and "c" drive left click on that and look for the programs folder look for the outpost folder, right click on it and delete it.

tomseeAuthor Commented:
d_may:  I just doubled checked the program files, its not in there, Thanks
tomseeAuthor Commented:

That did it, Thank You Very Much, Its out of there.

Thank you all for your help and replies.
No problem tomsee, and thank you too.

Best wishes!
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