convert RGB with Opacity to Html (hex) color?

An RGB color with 50% Opacity in Illustrator.
How can you convert/translate that to an html color (like #000000 format).

Its simple to translate an RGB but how do you translate the opacity too?

thank you.
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A very easy way is to export the illustration as a TIFF (a GIF might distort your colors, and a JPG might bring in stray colors)
Then use your favorite paint program (such as PhotoShop or Microsoft Paint) and measure the color.

(if you use Microsoft Paint, use the eyedropper tool to sample the color, then go to Colors/Edit Colors/Define Custom Colors and read the RBG value)

Then you can go back into Illustrator and use those RBG values to get close to the color you want. I say close, because Illustrator 10 still didn't have the kinks worked out on its color conversion and sometimes shifted the colors when exporting to bitmapped images. (Some claim that CS2 still doesn't have the kinks worked out either)

Anyway, it is quick and relatively painless and you may luck out and get just the exact shade that you're looking for.
mtnrAuthor Commented:
hey that's great! thank you!!
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