XP Windows Update Error Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433)

Ive just installed a few new machines for a client, and have been receiving this error from windowsupdate (on all machines). It also happens when I go to the microsoft update website and try to install the update ... but the error is:

The following updates were not installed

Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433)

I went  out and installed macromedia flash, thinking to myself, "hmmm ... since flash isnt installed, I'll bet thats breaking the update process." ... well, that didnt help. And yes, I did reboot before and after the installation of flash player (isn't that always the first step in troubleshooting any MS problem?).

What I'm interested in, is gaining a better understanding of the windows update service. How it functions, where it stores information, where it downloads the updates, how the updates get applied etc., so that I can troubleshoot these problems in the future (this is not the first time ive seen XP NOT take an update).

Thank you,

Mike Sims
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mikesims10670Author Commented:
My bad, problem solved:


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