Ibm raid controller software xseries

I am installing a server IBM server xseries 226 and have a question regarding the raid side of the installation. I follow the instructions for a Windows 2003 server install.

I looked at the built in raid and it all shows a raid 5 is set up. I am wandering how you find software for windows to view the raid configuration. On our other ibm servers which I did not set up there is “serveRaid manager” software.

Hopefully this makes sense. Any help appreciated
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g127404Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The link you provided has the steps required to install Windows 2003.
After getting device drivers (which you already have) start with step 3:

3.0 To install Windows Server 2003, complete the following steps:

   1. Turn on the server and insert the Windows Server 2003 Setup CD into the CD drive. When you are prompted with the message "Press any key to boot from cd", press any key. Windows Server 2003 Setup copies files from the installation CD. This process takes a few minutes.
.... (cut for length)

4.0 Post installation instructions: Installing and updating device drivers

To install the device drivers and to identify hardware that is not functioning, open Device Manager. In Device Manager, non-functioning devices are usually listed under Other Devices and are indicated by a yellow exclamation point. To open Device Manager, complete the following steps:

   1. Click Start.
   2. Right-click My Computer.
   3. Click Manage and select Device Manager in the left pane.

Use the procedures in the following sections to install the device drivers and to resolve any Unknown device.

Follow the rest of the steps to complete the additional device drivers.

Use your Server Raid Application CD and install the software to manage your RAID.
Hi GRV001,

link for the serveRAID Manager
Under section 1 of that link you provided it says:
If you are using the IBM ServeRAID options, you need the IBM ServeRAID 7.10b (or later) Support CD.

Do you have that?
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GRV001Author Commented:
I have the  IBM server raid cd

Ok i have not set up a server with a raid before so forgive me if i incorrect

I currently have windows 2003 installed but did not install it using that cd. i installed it with the windows cd. (i think this was wrong) I have rebooted the machine with this cd in it and it brings up the server raid manager. then i got lost
GRV001Author Commented:
I apologise there is a hardware issue being short changed a hard drive.

I will have to close this question. sorrry for the inconvenience
So your question was about installing Windows 2003 on an IBM server and what software to use to find the RAID.  This wasn't answered?
GRV001Author Commented:
Sorry but a long story because i was using the correct software that directly off the cd that runs at boot up instead of installing on windows, but it lookedd wrong, until i then discovered it was correct that IBM shorted me a hard drive.
I believe we helped him on the initial question possibly even answered it.  Changing the subject and turning around the problem on his part is no reason to refund points.  At least delete with no points refunded or give points to an expert here.

Initial Server Raid Software he needed was pointed out by Jay Jay and I (g127404) helped with Windows 2003 installation.
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