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Abit Kn8 Sli Motherboard will not shut down

I know this title looks like it has a obvious answer, but I cannot figure out what is happening here.
Motherbaord: Abit Kn8 SLI
Processor:      AMD 3500+ venice core
Memory:         Ultra DDR 400 512 mb  (two sticks)
Video Card:     GForce 6600
hard drive;      Not installed
OS                  Not installed
PSU:               Enermax  Noise Taker 450 Watt

There are no other drives or other devices connected.
Computer will boot fine. But when I push the power button on the case, it goes into a sleep mode of some kind. It will not shut down no matter how long I hold the power button, and will not reboot. I can only shut it down by using the switch on the power supply or pulling the plug.

BIOS settings:
Instant off. Button only. all WAKE features disabled either in BIOS or with jumper settings.
I have tested the memory, CPU, three different power supplies; I pulled a switch from a working case and connected it to the mother board, all with the same problem. It will not shut down. This problem exists with and WITHOUT an OS installed.
I have tried swapping another vid card. Still no shutdown.
All power connections and switch, LED, connections have been checked multiple times.
This problem has occured with two boards, my current one is an RMA board from Abit. I returned the prior board for the same problem.
The only thing I have not done is flash the BIOS
I'm at the point of using the board as a Bass lure, or pouring beer in the case to see how much smoke it generates
( which would be better - white smoke or black smoke???)
I may have missed an obvious step, But I have been over it multiple times. I have not had a problem like this before building other systems.
Thanks for the help.
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5 Solutions
ACPI power management including shut down need to have the OS installed for it to function correctly. Make sure that this feature is enabled in the BIOS and that the correct HAL is ACPI Uniprocessor PC when the OS is installed. If the problem remains, probably another bad mainboard.
Disconnect the front panel connectors and use a spare jumper to short power switch pins on mobo to power on and off.  Ensure that you have the correct pins.  Only one set of power pins on your mobo, so should be easy to verify.

There will probably be a 5 second or so time delay to power off.
did you try another power supply?
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jonmclean2Author Commented:
thanks you
willcomp - I have tried that, just using a screwdriver to short the pins. both to start the beast and to try and shut it down. I have also tried a switch pulled from another case with the same results.

nobus - I have tried three different power supplies.

tmj883 - I have not installed the OS yet. Seems to me that it should shutdown by means of  the switch even without the OS. I've never had this problem before in any previous builds.
I will post back later with my specific BIOS Power Management settings.
you did try the default settings?
or did you try to reset the bios with the jumper?
Did you allow for the 5 to 10 second time delay?  Must keep switch contacts closed for that period of time.
jonmclean2Author Commented:
After installing the board, I cleared the CMOS before starting up and entering BIOS to make sure all settings were set to default.
I can hold the button in for 30 seconds or more, still won't shut down.

Told ya this was a wierd one!
i think it's a bug in the bios (it happens). try to reflash it with the latest update from the manufacturer website.
maybe time to change over to Asus boards . .
I am sure the motherboard has a conflict with a component on your system. Definetely flash the BIOS.
jonmclean2Author Commented:
Purple Sky
There are no other hardware components installed than CPU. memory, Vid card.
I have tested with other brands of those items.

I have a new different brand board sitting right here. Ready to go in the case. Already thinking what size bass the Abit might attract in my local fishin' hole, and what weight line to use  :-)

no software or drivers installed because there is no hard drive or OS installed. It's a truly bare system that won't shutdown.
Flashing the BIOS seems to be the most logical thing to do, but I loathe to do it. It's not difficult, but why cant hardware manufacturers (ANY of them) sell us stuff that works from the getgo. I appreciate having a life outside my computer issues.
Can you imagine owning a car with a similar number of issues that our computers do? How many of us would put up with THAT?
OK end of rant!!

thanks for all the tips, I will flash the BIOS and post back.
fisherman too ? let's get together . .

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