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Struts and IFRAME

Hello everyone.  It appears I have a fun one today.

I have 5 different JSPs in which I need to add a comments list (historical, read-only, date descending)
Struts Framework using JSP (not JSF.)
1 - an action class kicks off a series of events in which the Comments Table for the given "PRnumber" (Purchase Requisition) is queried by a DAO.
2 - The DAO wraps the commentsTO[] (value object array) into a parent PrTo
3 - The PrTo is sent back to the action class.

This is my development thus far.

Now I want to push that CommentsTO[] value-object array to a FORM so it can populate a front-end JSP.  
(I am successfully reaching the Action class every instance for all 5 pages.)

I am going the <IFrame> route with a source of  "Comments.HTML"   used in each of the 5 JSPs.  (Standardization and prevent / reduce maintenance hassles.)

1) How can i get struts to work with the IFRAME?  ie. get the IFrame src HTML its own Form object
    - - OR - -
2) get the parent Form Bean to become visible to the IFRAME HTML src.
   - -  OR - -
3) is there an alternative path I can take not using IFRAME?

I need to use a scrollable interface for the comments so to minimize the impact of their presence on the page (so they don't extend a long area breaking up the actual data.)

Thanks for the Help.  
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fshtankAuthor Commented:

fshtankAuthor Commented:

Based on a lack of response, and my own google/yahoo! searches, it appears Struts and IFRAMEs aren't so agreeable.

BUT! ... I found an acceptable solution to give me my scrolling of data:

<div style="overflow:auto; height:200px; width:600px">
     <nested:iterate property="accountEntry" id="accountLine" type="com.raytheon.epro.form.po.AcqPoAccountEntry">
      . . .
      . . .
      . . .

The <div> height and width allows me to control my data  presentation.

While not 'exactly' what I was looking for, it will work as I need.    

PS:  I am testing using the JSP include of 'comments.jsp' into my 5 parent-JSP's.
       This is to have one file from which to manage my comments appearance.

       At this time, I consider this question CLOSED.  No points will be awarded for any responses.

       If this question is still open when my testing is done I will report my success / failure.
Because you have presented a solution to your own problem which may be helpful to future searches, this question is now PAQed and your points have been refunded.


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