Load balance cellular modems.

Hello, we are trying to find a way to load balance 2 cellular modem connections.  The carrier has supplied one static IP per modem and the connection comes out ethernet on the back side of a LandCell cellular router\modem.  What I want to do is create a VPN site to site tunnel for each connection and use CEF to do per packet load balancing.  Site A is the central office where I want to use a PIX515E UL.  Site B is a ship where I want to use a Cisco 1841 or 2811 router. I am hoping to use a single router on site B to accomplish this.  Going forward there will be several ships terminating to site A in the same fashion, possibly quite a few.  To add to the mix, there will be a sattalite internet connection we would like to add to the load balancing for a total of 3 WAN ethernet connections.  Thanks in advance.
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Load balancing over a vpn tunnel is problematic.

Using two 2811's might work but (we have been pursuing this with TAC/Various Consultants for about 9 months) I suspect that you might be on a dead end path.
Site A

PIX--LandCell #1
   |___LandCell #2

Site B
1841--LandCell #3
   |___LandCell #4

Is this correct?
istadminAuthor Commented:
No, site A has a 8meg cable connection.  
Site A                                                                         Site B
PIX515E--Cable-------internet-------verison cell tower-----landcell 1----1841
                                                                            -----landcell 2----

Do I need something bigger like 2800 router on both ends?  Can 1  router load balance 2 connections or do I need two routers?  This is all on paper at this point, just trying to prove a concept for client.
You can load balance on a router (GLBP - Gateway Load Balancing Protocol).

You CANNOT load balance on a PIX.

Thus the VPN tunnel (endpoint PIX) would not load balance.
istadminAuthor Commented:
What if I used a Cisco 2811 router on both ends to terminate the VPN tunnels and load balance?
Site A                                                                                               Site B
                                                             ----verison cell tower-----landcell 1---VPN1----
2811--VPN1--VPN2----Cable----internet-----                                                                 2811
                                                             ----verison cell tower-----landcell 2---VPN2----

I think it would look like this.

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