Using barcode reader with oracle form6i

hi all,
iam using oracle 8i database with oracle form6i,
please guide me to use barcode reader with my form .
i know nothing about this process,so,clear and simple clarification and guides will help me.
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Here are some extracts I found regarding using a bar code scanner with forms.

Barcode scanner does not need any integration with forms.

It work just like key board. We go to the field and type in the words same way for barcode scanner we go to the field and press the scanning trigger.

If you use a Barcode Scanner which plugs between Keyboard and PC you don't need anything to code, the Scanner Input comes like Keyboard Input automatically.

This also caters for damaged bar codes which will not scan. The operator can then take over and type them in manually on the keyboard.

Readers can also be programmed to send a <return> at the end of the scan so the form triggers can react accordingly.

Otherwise, if you would use a Barcode Scanner which plugs into a COM-Port you would need some coding (e.g. a VB/C-Program which reads the COM-Port and forwards that via DDE to Forms...).

So you should definitely go for a Keyboard-Scanner

Well is quite simple. A barcode reader is installed as an extension of the keyboard. The barcode reader comes with a Y cable to connect the keyboard and the gun reader both on the keyboard port on your PC. If you create a forms on a table with a item to store the barcode then when the focus item is the item to store the barcode you only take your reader and trigger on your barcode label. The text item is filled with the value of your serial number or whatever means your barcode. Your text item must be large enough for the barcode you are reading
mohd_osmanAuthor Commented:

this is good Dyall Thanks,

please give me sites for further readind,
I got these extracts from the forms forum on Oracle Technology Network.

You have to register but it's free and well worth it for the forums and on-line documentation you can access.

Good Luck

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