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Remote Desktop to Windows 2000 professional

I'm looking for an application that gives a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows 2000 Professional. It's not possible to upgrade to Windows XP because of the applications that runs on the PC.
2 Solutions
Hi mdrasted,

You can download the client from
Client software allows you to establish a remote connection to another Windows computer, but it does not allow another computer to remotely manage the local computer.

if you wish to manage the Win2000 machine remotely, then you can try

mdrastedAuthor Commented:
Hi Sunnycoder, I'm looking for a host application that supports the Remote Desktop client.
Hi mdrasted,

there is no way in 2000 pro to have RDP connections incoming. There is the client that allows RDP connections to a server but it simply cannot be done with 2000 pro.

There is netmeeting builtin which does a similar job but isnt great, or you can trial this which is awesome

4) RADMIN (remote admin)
if you have a little funding i would highly reccomend this, awesome product,
only used for a short while but it kicks any of the other out of the way, remote controlling,
or controlling services, registries, file transfers etc. this thing does the lot


2) Dameware
I havent used but heard good things such as the remote installer feature
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Wayne BarronCommented:
If you are really wanted to remote access/control another system.
I strongly suggest 1 of the following.
(My upmost suggestions listed 1st)

PCAnywhere 12.0
Symantec Site Store list price of $199.99 + $8.15 s/h

NewEgg.com has PCAnywhere 11.5 at some great prices.

(I still use PCAnywhere 10.0, and I love it, and will probably never upgrade, at least not right now
So take 11.5, you will not be disappointed)

Has been getting a lot of TV Time, but have never used it personally, so I cannot tell you if it is worth all the hype or not.

Never heard about this product, but it claims to be a PCAnywhere alternative.
But, For the price, it is the same as PCAnywhere, I would say, if it cost the same price, to get the real thing
And forgot the alternative.

This information as well as the information given by the others, you should find the best application for you.

Good Luck
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
I still don't believe that it isn't possible to identify the DLL's used by RDP service on W2K Server and port them and the relevant registry entries to W2K Pro which I guess is what is being asked for here.  Having said that I searched for this for ages a while back and came up with nothing so I guess the answer is no, use another remote solution or install 'server' on a desktop.  Would like a solution myself too.

Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
Just like others have stated, there is NO way as of right now to remote desktop using RDC to a windows 2000 pro machine.  Other possibilities that are free are TightVNC which I use quite a bit for windows 2000 machines and RealVnc/WinVNC.

I guess the reason windows 2000 pro doesn't have it is because MS does not want to code that functionality in for a 6-7 year old product?


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