Acrobat files open with Notepad in Outlook2003

Hi ,whenever i try to open an Acrobat (pdf) attachment in Outlook 2003 it opens with Notepad. However when i open a .pdf file directly from the computer or save from Outlook to the computer and then open it it opens in Acrobat . I have checked the associations and they are ok. What could be the reason for this.Is there something in Outlook that needs to be configured?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Dolteam, glad reinstalling Adobe Acrobat fixed the problem.
Does the computer have admin rights as the file assosiations may not have been updated if the comp is locked down.

Log on as Administrator
Right click on My Computer and select manage, then go to Users and Groups.
Add Domain Users to the Admin group and then log of and log back on as the user.

See if the file opens correctly then. If it does you can take the admin rights away again as the file assosiation will have updated.

Greetings, dolteam !

You cache may be full. Delete your Temporary Internet Files and Temp folder files. Then try opening the PDF file.

If no joy, reinstall Adobe Acrobat and get the latest updates.

Best wishes!

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Thanks, war1
dolteamAuthor Commented:

I uninstalled Acrobat and installed the laest version and it solved the problem.

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