tracking application packages during installation

Hi experts,

Is it possibel to track packages whilst being loaded on solaris OS. The reason for this is I am trying to create a script which will find and remove these packages after an installation. I am installing an application and the uninstaller leaves alot of packages all over the show, and you have to hunt them down one by one, which takes quite some time.
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Not sure about that but I have done this in the past.

If its and application I use
pkginfo -c application or you can just use pkginfo which will get both system and applications.

I output that to a file before the install
#pkginfo -c application > before.install

then after the install
#pkginfo -c application > after.install

#diff before.install after.install will gice you a list of the changes.

You could then input the results to a scrift for removal
mwariAuthor Commented:
Jekl2000, what is "application" in pkginfo?, I am installing Sun Java ES Portal Server.  Do I put the installer name in place of application?
e.g pkginfo -c sunportal_installer > before.install
pkginfo -c sunportal_installer > after.install ??
No, application is a  keyword as is system. Didn't ask what version you are running. You can just do a pkginfo > before.inst and it will do the same but system and application files will be shown, which might be better anyway to see if it installs anything that might be classified as a system file.
mwariAuthor Commented:
Okay, I am running Solaris 10.
mwariAuthor Commented:
Thanx jekl2000. :-)
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